Who and how can I help?

As an Early Years Teacher, I am committed to helping others to improve their practice through guidance  and support. I am passionate about inspiring others to provide children with the very best care giving support to colleagues, other professionals and parents. It is my belief, that this is achieved through additional training, listening to colleagues and giving guidance and advice.  Using these methods, we can ensure that we are changing and improving outcomes for children within their setting.

I believe that young children need a special environment in which to grow and deserve practitioners who are encouraging, dynamic, reflective and passionate about their learning. In a positive environment children thrive and grow, adopting positive attitudes to learning and the primary way to support this is through inspiring those who teach them, helping them to motivate themselves and to be motivated by what they achieve. 

Investing in effective support, coaching and training for the adults, will enable us to maximise the benefits that educating children will achieve. I really believe that it is essential that all of us engaged in the vital area of Early Years, do all we can to maintain standards and adopt and adapt to current best practices. 

As part of my commitment to supporting and advising parents, I have run several workshops for parents including a pre reading and behaviour sessions. My aim is to provide parents with practical ways that they can support their children and to give parents confidence to achieve this. Parents are the children’s first and most enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together in early years, evidence clearly shows an improvement on children’s development and learning.

I have a wealth of experience in providing such support and guidance as outlined above, through seminars, small groups or one to one sessions.
Empower me to empower you, your colleagues and your parents by experiencing what I have to offer - Contact me for more detailed information or just to talk it over in more depth.